Arnold Dang Trung Hieu is known as a successful businessman in the culinary industry and one of the prestigious fashion and event consultants in Vietnam. Besides business activities, he is also loved by everyone because he actively participates in charity movements, helping people, especially those in difficult and difficult circumstances.

The year 2021 is really an important milestone in Mr. Arnold Dang Trung Hieu’s career when he is honored to become the Ambassador of Global Cuisine (OMG) in Vietnam. Bringing a great mission and responsibility in promoting our image, people and country to the world.Next, at the beginning of August, Mr. Arnold Dang Trung Hieu continued to be honored to be certified as a global peace ambassador (Universal Peace).

Arnold Dang Trung Hieu is currently relying on the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations and the domestic legal corridor to perform the above tasks professionally and transparently and is gradually forming an alliance. Volunteers include organizations and individuals that contribute.

The Master Club is delighted to be certified with Arnold Hieu, and we will make the most of our resources to work with him on common missions for the community.

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