The first digital university in the world to be established in Thailand will deploy online training for a generation of students at all levels: undergraduate and graduate. Along with the online teaching and learning activities, the activities of guiding students to do the thesis, the graduate student’s essay thesis, and the graduate students to do the thesis are also implemented online. stay awake. At that time, the scientists on the OFE Science Council will be the online science instructors for members in the professional, technological and reputational relevance of the scientist. student options. OFE Institute always gives priority to ensuring all possible benefits and spreading the professional values ​​as well as the scientific reputation of the Science Instructors in the OFE system in the world.

It’s time to have expertise alone is not enough, but technology alone is also difficult to build works. Technology and expertise are necessary and sufficient conditions to implement activities in the digital transformation era. The collaboration between scientists and the OFE Institute is the combination of Technology and expertise to create buildings, products with bold digital transformation, to meet the needs of the time. Great industrial revolution 4.0 and above. Scientists are the best implementers of their expertise, while OFE will be one of the best and most modern places to take over the technology, making digital transformation at home and abroad happen. faster and more powerful.

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